The Project

GATEWAYS Final Conference 

“Ocean Gateways Past and Present: Significance for Ocean Circulation and Climate” will be held on the 5-7 of May 2013 in Jerusalem, IsraelFor more information access this link


The Agulhas Current is the major western boundary current of the southern hemisphere and carries water from the tropical Indian Ocean along the east coast of southern Africa. The Current impacts eastern and southern African climate and forms a key component of the global ocean ‘conveyor' circulation because it controls the warm water return flow to the Atlantic Ocean that compensates for the renewal of deep water in the subpolar North Atlantic and its export to the rest of the world ocean. The ‘leakage' of Agulhas water at the southern tip of Africa causes a salt anomaly in the South Atlantic that influences the Atlantic overturning circulation, including the strength of the Gulf Stream, which has implications for climate in the northern hemisphere.

The GATEWAYS project uses modern observations, ocean reconstructions and climate modeling to examine the dynamics of the Agulhas Current and its relationships with climate. The project offers training-through-research in marine climatology, numerical modeling and statistical data processing.

The GATEWAYS project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission under the Action Marie Curie Initial Training Networks. The project grants 18 researchers, 15 of which are Early Stage Reserachers and three are Experienced Researchers.