Work packages

GATEWAYS is structured in five workpackages (WP). WP1 and 2 are centred on the development of the Agulhas Current and deep water variability. WP3 concentrates on terrestrial palaeoclimatology, WP4 combines modern ocean observations with proxy formation and dynamics. WP5 arranges the GATEWAYS project coordination and WP6 is dedicated to dissemination.

Workpackage Overview


Determine long-term variations of ocean climatology off Southeast Africa and sensitivity to regional and far-field forcing. Provide database of Agulhas transport variability in relation to ocean-atmosphere forcing. WP leader: VUA


Assess Indian-Atlantic gateway dynamics, inter-ocean buoyancy transports and Atlantic MOC sensitivity. Evaluate sensitivity of the Atlantic MOC to Indian-Atlantic gateway circulation and intensity of Agulhas salt leakage. WP leader: CU

WP 3.

Evaluating connectivity between marine variability and southern African climates. Provide data/knowledge base of and evaluate Agulhas transports in relation to ocean-atmosphere forcing, and connectivity with southern African continental climate. WP leader: GSI


Determine ocean variability and impact on water column properties and proxy formation. Integrate in-situ instrumental observations of surface-ocean, thermocline and bottom water climatology with time series of particle settling fluxes to derive robust constraints on proxy formation, calibration and interpretation. WP leaders: NIOZ


Project management and coordination. Integrate the project results, establish the project webpage, initiate project data bank and knowledge archive. WP leader: UAB


Project synthesis and dissemination of results. Synthesize and disseminate the results of project on a national and European/international level. Organize final project conference. WP leader: CAU