MARUM, University of Bremen (Associated Partner)

MARUM collaborates with Partner 9 Climate Risk Analysis (CRA) on the statistical analysis of the palaeo-timeseries generated in GATEWAYS. Professor Michael Schulz at MARUM is head of the “Earth-System Modelling” team in Bremen and leads the “Ocean and Climate” research program at the MARUM. He developed widely used software routines for statistical time-series analysis of palaeoclimatic data. At the university level he is the supervisor of ESR Kristín B. Ólafsdóttir, who is enrolled as PhD student at the University of Bremen. M. Schulz provides the source code of his time-series analysis programs to the ESR and assists with implementing enhanced statistical tests into the program.

Partner Profile
Over the past two decades Bremen University has introduced new curricula and research groups in the fields of marine geosciences, marine biology, marine chemistry, and physical oceanography. The closely networked research fields of marine, climate, and polar investigation represent the largest topic in natural sciences in Bremen. Marine geosciences in particular have developed into an international scope, both in terms of the science and with respect to the availability of international service facilities, including one of the three worldwide existing core repositories of the international deep-sea drilling program “IODP”. Research is focused in the globally operating MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences ( and the Faculty of Geosciences ( One overarching research theme is on the role of the ocean in the climate system. Here, great emphasis is placed on joining the data-based reconstructions with numerical modelling. The University of Bremen also hosts the Graduate School Global Change in the Marine Realm (GLOMAR) (, which offers a special training program for PhD students.

Contact information
Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz
MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Geosciences
University of Bremen
D-28334 Bremen, Germany

Fon: +49-421-218-65444
Fax: +49-421-218-65454
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