Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Bremerhaven, Germany (Associated Partner)

AWI collaborates directly with Partner 2 Cardiff University (CU). The interest of the AWI group participating in GATEWAYS is aimed to better understand the dynamical linking between the Indian-Atlantic gateway circulation, inter-ocean buoyancy transports and the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. In particular we investigate the role of the Indian-Atlantic gateway circulation and the Southern Ocean for changes in the stability behaviour of the MOC and rapid climate shifts during ice ages and their termination. In order to address these goals the AWI team exploits an integrative approach that combines climate modelling and proxy data to understand the processes, physical mechanisms and feedbacks that govern the evolution of deglacial changes in the Indian-Atlantic gateway circulation and the Southern Ocean, and their impact on rapid climate shifts under different climate boundary conditions.

The experimental set-up and the model forcing are designed and updated in close collaboration with the available paleo-proxy constrains as generated by the different partners e.g. CU, UAB, VUA and CAU. In particular the model simulations are validated with the proxy reconstructions of regional surface and deep-water change. In turn the model runs and the simulation of marine proxies are used to interpret changes in the proxies within a quantitative framework.

Partner Profile
The Alfred Wegener Institute carries out research in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as in the high and mid latitude oceans. The institute coordinates German polar research and makes available to national and international science important infrastructure, e.g. the research ice breaker “Polarstern” and research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. Within the Paleoclimate Dynamics Group led by Prof. G. Lohmann the research focuses on the analysis of different climate conditions in the past and the identification of driving mechanisms causing climate change. Special research topis are feedback mechanisms in the climate system, the role of the global oceanic thermohaline circulation for climate variations, a better understanding of previous glacial times and warm stages as well as the climate of the Holocene.

Contact information
Dr. Gregor Knorr
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Bussestr. 24
D-27570 Bremerhaven
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