L-UP (Associated Partner)

L-UP (SME level 2 partner) is the co-leader of WP5 and assists UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) with the overall management task of the GATEWAYS project. L-UP is part of the Project Management Team (PMT) and steering committee (SC). Their main role is to be in charge of daily financial and administrative management: project progress, contractual issues, meetings, project reports. L-UP also contributes with complementary skills training and is available to host ER secondments. A. Hoque has over 8 years European Project Management experiences with an engineering background and is a senior consultant with deep knowledge of EU funded projects. He developed management, administrative and financial tools that benefit the project and secondments.

Partner Profile
L-UP is a SME company, founded in 2001 by Philippe Bellier and currently employing 10 people. L-UP has experts with 20 years of experience in industry and R&D, especially in high-tech fields such as communication, advanced materials and aeronautics. We also have young project managers with minimum 8 years experience in European Project Management. For more than 6 years, L-UP has been providing operational consultancy services, in particular in the frame of EU FP6 projects (8 NOE, 7 IP, 11 STREP) and in FP7 projects (5 IP, 10 STREP, 6 CSA, 2 ITN). L-UP also offers services linked to Complex Project Management, and to competitiveness review, based on the skills of our consultants, selected for their experience of European Collaborative and Innovative Projects; expertise in managing European Projects; ability to perform strategic studies related to an entity policy of innovation management; experience with complex technical industrial projects; abilities to rapidly integrate existing teams, to share their knowledge; to work differently. L-UP is a Consortium Management leader in the HIRF SE project (FP7 IP), the Coordinator of the MEFISTO project (FP7 CSA) and co-coordinator of the GATEWAYS project (FP7 Marie-Curie ITN). They are also involved as partner in other FP7 projects (2 IP, 1 STREP, 1 CSA) L-UP participates predominantly in the day-to-day project management and coordination tasks, in close relation to the coordinator and provide project management training.

Contact information
A. Hoque, Senior Consultant
32, avenue de Friedland
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 63 29 07
Mobil: +33 (0)6 19 90 03 53
Tel head office: +33 (0)1 40 68 38 49

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