Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Associated Partner)

HUJI collaborates with Partner 6, GSI, on the reconstruction of the long term climate conditions of southern South Africa. Professor Alan Matthews is a senior member of the Institute of Earth Sciences and has worked in collaboration with partner 6 over a number of years on paleoclimate studies of the cave speleothems from Israel. In particular, his work specializes on reconstruction of the paleohydrological conditions using hydrogen isotope analyses of fluid inclusions. More recent collaborative work focusses on developing 'clumped isotope' thermometry. Professor Matthews also specializes in using metal stable isotope systems (e.g., those of Fe, Cu, Zn and Mo) in reconstructing paleoredox conditions during metallic ore and organic carbon-rich marine sediment formation processes. In GATEWAYS he is co-supervisor the partner 6 ESR Kerstin Braun, who is enrolled as a Ph.D student at the Hebrew University. Professor Matthews supervises the fluid inclusion and 193 nm laser ICP trace element studies.

Partner Profile
The Institute of Earth Sciences encompasses working units in Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, Hydrology and Oceanography. The Institute of Earth Sciences is responsible for teaching and research of the entire spectrum of earth sciences studies, including geological sciences (structural geology, geophysics and geodynamics, stable isotope geochemistry, hydrology, mineralogy and earth materials, palaeontology and evolution, geochronology); atmospheric sciences (physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, ocean-atmosphere interaction, chemistry of atmospheric pollution, meteorology); physical geography (geomorphology, climatology, arid zone ecosystems, pedology, surface processes); and oceanography (ocean chemistry, physics of the ocean, biological interaction therein, paleo-oceanography). The main research interests of the Institute's staff include the geology and tectonics of rift systems and the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region, isotope geochemistry of oceanic and crustal processes, petrology and geochemistry of sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic rocks, biogeochemistry, coral reefs, geo-hydrology, paleoclimatology, geomorphology of arid terrains, dynamic meteorology, cloud physics, remote sensing in the atmosphere, aerosols.

Contact Information
Alan Matthews Ph.D.
Raymond F. Kravis Professor of Geology
Director, University National Natural History Collections
The Fredy and Nadine Herrman Institute of Earth Sciences
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Edmond Safra Givat Ram Campus
91904 Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: +972 2 6584913
Mobile: +972 52 3244538
Fax: +972 2 5662581

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