The GATEWAYS research generates heterogeneous multi-parameter data streams that need to be integrated into an internally homogenous data base that ensures user-friendly network-wide accessibility of the data, archiving and visualization. Simultec AG builds up the database in cooperation with the designated data manager of the network, Lukas Jonkers at UAB. As a main online access point to the database serves an interactive map based visualization tool that allows an overview on existing data and on the fly visualizations of core data. The data can be interactively visualized on the map using different classifications and background map information. The database contains data generated by the GATEWAYS project but as well links to data of other data bases like Pangaea and NCDC Paleoclimatology.

Partner Profile

Simultec is a small multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists. It was founded in 1988 and resides in Zurich, Switzerland. For clients in industry and government Simultec provides decision-making tools in the areas of environmental health, risk management and the remediation of hazardous waste sites and industrial areas. Computer simulations are used to quantify the effects of preventive measures on the environment and determine the optimum solution with respect to environment, health and economics. A special expertise of Simultec is the simulation of groundwater flow and contamination transport in gravel and fissured rock aquifers. In the context of environmental data and simulations, Simultec builds up information systems based on internet technology.
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