Project Management

The GATEWAYS project is a medium size ITN project combining 12 academic partners and 3 non-academic (SME) partners. The project directly employs 15 ESR and 3 ER fellows and in combination with the main PIs from the partner institutions more than 30 investigators and support staff, senior and junior, collaborate in GATEWAYS. This requires close management of the project infrastructure and communication. The management process shall likewise identify and monitor risks that could have an impact on the project schedule and results and shall take appropriate measures to suppress or mitigate their effects.

The GATEWAYS management ultimately rests with the project Coordinator Prof. Rainer Zahn (UAB). To support him in this task and with the daily running of the project the Coordinator has formed a Project Management Team (PMT) consisting of the Project Manager Andy Hoque (associated partner L-UP) and the project assistant MS Anna Ripoll (UAB). The decision making body of the project is the project Steering Committee (SC). The PMT co-ordinated the ESR/ER recruitment phase and preparation of the kick-off-meeting. The PMT is responsible for coordinating training events (schools, workshops), deliverables, and the project reporting; organizing the final Network conference, preparing the financial and training/scientific results reports. The PMT further coordinates and optimizes communication flow across the Network, is responsible for setting up and maintaining the Network web page (inter-/intranet) and electronic database, in collaboration with SME partners EMDESK and Simultec.

Managerial meetings and project reportings are held and compiled regularly, to promote information exchange, agree on major decisions, and document project procedures and progress. SC meetings are held twice per annum and two project reports are compiled per annum, one interims report that builds the basis for the annual report.